Green Screen is a lot of fun, but it takes a lot of work.

We can do things from quick and simple for fast moving events, to very complex and quick edits on site at events where we have more time to work with people.

Green screen does have its drawbacks, when automated it does not replace the colors that fall out, such as green, yellow and tan. When actually editing, these are things that we hand color back INTO the photograph.


The fun thing about green screen technology, we can put you ANYWHERE you can imaging, doing literally anything you can imaging! What lighting bolts coming out of your hands, we can do that! What to be floating with ocean waves behind you, we can do that too! Its all about the imagination when it comes to playing with the green screen.


At quick paced events however, we do limit the amount of choices to usually 3-5 selections that have been predetermined by the host of the event.

When setting up for this specific option, we ask for a 12’x12’ space with plenty of room to work in.